Friday, April 16, 2010

Sleep Study

Boy, was that fun.


I got the glue out of my hair after 2 washings.  I have tape marks still on my face - it appears I may have reacted to the 'thermal' tape a bit.  These will be attractive today at work :)  I didn't sleep much at all.  First time I fell asleep normal time, but then a dream woke me and took me forever to fall asleep again.  Got up to use the washroom twice.  When you have 20 wires stuck to you, including one of those pinchy-things on your finger to follow your pulse-ox and one of those tubes they stick under your nose to give you oxygen only it measured your breathing.  So I figure I got about 4 hrs or so, but they told me I only got a couple.  Other than that, they wouldn't tell me anything.  Could be "too premature" he said, until the people look at it in the morning.  Bleh.  Now I've gotta wait until June for my consult.  Well, it's only a couple months away.  April came soon enough.

Came home and slept some more.  Don't feel rested much.  Today will be a struggle.  Called the salon to see if there were any last minute appointments.  Michael just came back from vacation in Mexico so he's booked solid until Wednesday, so I got penciled in.

Now just to make it through the rest of the day.  I'm a bit of a walking zombie.  I hope it's quiet at work tonight.


hydra said...

I was going to take part in a sleep study once, but chickened out because I find it so difficult to sleep in my own bed, I figured I wouldn't get a wink under these kinds of circumstances, with the wires and in a strange bed.

Perovskia said...

lol - but they would help you discover WHY you're not sleeping, dear :)

Bix said...

God I love this.

Ok, so the good part is that you didn't have to spend $10,000 for this study? but the bad part is that you have to wait until June for results?

What are your options to sleep better? Will they offer you a drug?

Perovskia said...

Correct; sleep study was free, but yes, I don't find out until June.

Options depend on the diagnosis. If it's apnea, they'll suggest a machine (at $1200, no thank you) which never stays on your face anyways, but some people swear by them. Another friend of mine at work has been given meds and they help her A LOT. I'm not sure what I'll do - I'm gonna cross that bridge when I get to it. Besides lose weight; that's been on-going and of course advised.

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