Thursday, April 8, 2010

Human Nature, Pt. III

Random thought: After reading about the recent Brazilian mudslide, it occurred to me; will we end up having so many natural disasters that we won't care about fighting (wars) anymore?  Will there ever be too many natural disasters that we'll be preoccupied with them instead of caring what /this/ country does or what /that/ country does?  While natural disasters are unfortunate, perhaps they're a blessing in disguise.  Maybe the Middle East would have to learn to govern their own people.  Maybe the Germans will help the Greeks.  Maybe some countries will learn to be more self-sufficient or there will be more reaching out by other countries to help said country in trouble. define apocalypse as: "Great or total devastation; doom". Now, I'm not going to cite Revelations, I'm not going to cite Nostradamus.  I'm just saying these things seem to be happening more and more as time goes on (or I do I just notice them more as I get older?).  I'm going to presume they are happening more often since any WWII story I've heard didn't include, ".....oh yeah, that shelling was a bitch, but we were so worried about the rising tides and flooding in the States"  :P

On totally unrelated news (this is where the conversation takes a complete 360), I've got a birthday coming up in a couple weeks and I have no idea what I want to do for it.  Or if I want to do anything at all, really.  I just feel... blah.  I'd LOVE to have a party, but I don't have the energy to plan it (which is odd, 'cause normally I'm all over these things like white on rice).  I've been very lackadaisical lately.  I think I'm just getting prematurely discouraged because I know I won't get what I want.

I think my 'alleluia' was a bit premature.  It comes and it goes.  So this is how it's gonna be, eh?  My body's pretty mad at me right now so I'm gonna let it do its thing.  I think it's mocking me; "Ha! You think you can keep hormones is me that long and get away unscathed. Muahahahaha!"

Well, it's raining today.  Has been since yesterday.  I wonder if it'll stop in time for me to walk to work.  I love the rain, but I don't like walking in it for 20 min before work (after work is fine).  Looking at the radar it *might* let up by the time I leave.  I am hopeful.

It's almost the end of the week! :)  Hee!  (The excitement is part fake - I have no plans this weekend. I'm just glad the work week is over :)).

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