Friday, April 2, 2010


Woke up in a lot of pain today. The extra work I'm taking on (at work, as part of getting back to my normal duties) is taking its toll.  I will take a couple of ibuprofen and should bear through any remaining pain today. Maybe a robaxacet. Oooh.. those are good.

Well, I caught the last few min of service last night after work.  Can I say, that I think our choir is just fantastic.  There is nothing like a well-tuned church choir.  There was Adoration after and I stayed a while.  I'm having a very...dry.. Lent.  I'm finding it hard to pray, finding it hard to participate, finding it hard to get involved.  I can be there, but that's about it.  So today I'll just be present and go through the motions.

It's 22 C (72 F) and sunny out.  I've got all the windows open.  I'm dragging my ass today from over-sleeping, but maybe I can get some cleaning done.  Lord knows the dishes have been sitting too long.

Some of us get a 4-day weekend and I'm one of them, so I'll be around.  I've got church stuff, finishing my final and other minor stuff.  I might even post more!

Enjoy the day, whatever you do! :)

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