Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Post-(Fantastic) Weekend

*lets out a contented sigh*  Ahhhh.....  *sips on her tea*  Would you like a tea?  Here you go...

Well, most of you went back to work today.  Some of you, if you're lucky (and in Canada and/or Ontario), some of you got an extra day off as today was an optional holiday for some (and all gov't employees).  I was amongst the lucky :)  Let me back-track a little...

Saturday's Easter Vigil was good, as always.  It starts off quiet, in candlelight (everyone has one) and turns into (after many readings) a joyous, more active Mass (singing!).  It's much longer - over 2 hours (2.20, to be exact).  We welcome in the new Catechumens (newbies to the Church) by baptism if necessary and Confirmation.  I like to go because it's my Church anniversary (four years ago I was welcomed by Baptism and Confirmation).  I'm happy that I was baptized as an adult; I have a greater appreciation for it, I think, than a baby would (not to sound rhetorical).  I've learned so much and yet there is still so much more to learn.

Easter Sunday Mass was fantastic.  Alive, joyous, happy.  The congregation triples in size - to standing room only, even with extra chairs placed at the back.  It seems no one cared about the stipulations put (and held) in place from the winter about no handshaking per H1N1 and everyone shook hands again.  It was great.  We were a *church* again.  I just hope it keeps up.

Then Sunday afternoon I went to my very first Latin Mass.  That stuff's hardcore, man.  Now, there's not much I can say if you aren't very familiar with Masses or services in general, but I will tell you this - I came away feeling very...relaxed, calm, de-stressed.  I understood what was going on, but I didn't understand a single thing he was saying.  And mostly all the women wore head coverings - mantillas especially (I love those. I'd like one myself).  I wore mine.  I'd just started veiling again Saturday, and even if I wasn't, I would have at the Latin Mass.  I would probably go again, to try and get the feel of it more.

Sunday evening dinner was spent with close friends.  Had a wonderful time as they had company I've a) never met before or b) don't see very often (family of theirs).  Good food, good conversation and good people.  What more could you ask?  (As a side note - and good drink!  I might have to get back into Glenfiddich!)

Today was spent cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.  And studying.  I'm done with my finals!!  Now I can take a brief breather while I wait for the next two courses to start up.  It's hard to get out of study mode, or that feeling that there is "always something to do".  Now that things have calmed down at work a little (and progressing), I'm breaking from studying, I can try to pull myself out of my own little world and check in on my friends more and get more in tune with them and their needs.

Hope you have a great week!


Bix said...

You like scotch? How about that... I used to love, love a bit of some good scotch. Back in the day.

Perovskia said...

Oh yeah, I love a good scotch. That 12 yr old Glenfiddich went down reaaaal smooooth :) I'm a Glenmorangie girl. I find Glenlivet has a bit too much of a bite. There was another one I've tried that I like, too, but can't remember the name right now.

Back in the day? What's stopping you now? :) Do you remember what you used to drink?

Bix said...

I used to like Glenlivet. But I hadn't tried so many so I don't know what others are like. I would put a little bit in my mouth and roll it around and swallow it real slowly. It was so good.

Do you think scotch is a manly drink?

Perovskia said...

That's a peculiar question, but you know, I do. At least, I had when I was younger and drinking it (when I was in college, I drank 'rusty nails' look it up sometime - I think that drink puts hair on your chest).

Do I now? A little. But I also see it as something sophisticated, something to challenge my palate, something to have at the end of a bad week or amongst close friends and/or a cozy night in. (Gee, I'm starting to sound like a commercial). :)

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