Thursday, April 22, 2010

More Pictures!

Alright, here ya go. I've almost shown my entire walk to work at this point :)  I won't show you the city streets, 'cause well, y'all have those :)  As requested......

These are a couple of shots of the footbridge I walk over to take said pictures of river.

It's old.  In fact, I should take a pic of the metal plaque they have on it.  It used to be used by cars, but since they built the major street (about 500 yards to the south), it's not used anymore.  That's why you see a wider part of the bridge, then the smaller part to walk on, to the right.

Here's the usual shot but now you can see more green/buds on trees.  This was taken on the way home, near dusk.  The water was 'shimmering', it was nice :)

This was taken on the other side of the footbridge, looking the opposite way.  Not much different.  More land to the right as you can see (favoured by ducks).  To the left, some people's houses actually back onto the river.  I think that'd be cool :)

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hydra said...

What a lovely walk. How long does it take?

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