Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another Day At The Hospital

Well, today was fun.  And when I say fun, I mean not really.

This morning was an adventure.  My stomach had been hurting me since last night.  I ignored it because it usually passes and tried to sleep it off (terrible sleep, weird dreams and the like).  Woke up tired.  Still sore and achy in the morning.  Cancelled my chiropractor appointment and moved it to Friday (which will be interesting; I'll have 3 appointments back-to-back).  Went to physio with intent to just do exercises then leave.  I walked out to go home, walking along the street, minding my own... then I felt nauseous.  Very, very nauseous.  I had to turn back quickly because I thought I was going to get sick in the middle of the bloody sidewalk.  Got back in the office and sat down.  My sugar *plummeted*.  My sugar has never dropped that bad, that early in the morning (1.5 hrs after eating).  I was fed water and chocolates until I was better enough to walk home again (and I did so, quickly).  Downed a glass of orange juice, made a meal and felt a bit better.  I didn't recover the rest of the day (to 100%).  Co-workers said I didn't look well.  So.. I'm worried.  These 'episodes' are happening more frequently and VERY quickly, which has me concerned.  I have a doc appointment Friday so I'll bring it up.

When I was delivering dinner at work, I thought I'd walked into a room of a dead person (I swear to God she had passed but apparently she hadn't) and that weirded me out the rest of the shift.  Deceased people don't bother me, nor walking into the rooms of such, but this one just... felt different.  I wouldn't be surprised if the poor lady passes by tomorrows shift.

I made an interesting correlation between not talking to the ex and lack of being prayerful.  I can't really make sense of it.  It would make sense if we were together and I didn't pray as much (I could make excuses that I didn't have the time or had no reason to) but now... I don't know what my excuse is.  It has me befuddled.

Got into the studies tonight again.  Half done one midterm!  I'll get into what I'm learning later.  Too tired now :)

It's almost the end of the week!  Hope it's going well for everyone.


hydra said...

Hope you're OK. Do let us know what the doctor says.

Bix said...

When you say your sugar plummeted, how low did it go? The 60s? (We use mg/dl here.)

I know you said you suffer from hypoglycemia. I am wondering if you've ever had a test for diabetes, either a fasting blood test or an HbA1c ... that's a blood test that indicates your average blood sugar over a period of a few months.

Perovskia said...

Will do Hydra, thanks.

Perovskia said...

I wish I had a device to measure my sugar, Bix. I can only tell by the way I feel (very weak, shaky, sometimes affecting my vision and if it's really bad, faint-like, so much that I want to collapse).

I have had the fasting and HbA1c done and it was normal. All my blood tests over the years have been "normal", yet I've still had these reactions. I don't know what else to suggest we get done.

I haven't had the one where they make you drink something then you go back an hour or two later and they check your sugar.

Bix said...

That's reassuring, that your fasting and A1c are normal.

So, forgive me for being a sleuth :) But, if I were to rule out any glucose abnormality, the next thing I think of is a neurological problem. Not saying this is a panic attack, but it has characteristics:

Fluctuation in female hormones may be a precipitating factor.

Perovskia said...

Bix - I don't mind at all! *poke* away! :) I welcome any out-of-the-box thinking.

It's reassuring, but frustrating. If it's not that, what else is it? Neurological, eh? I've had panic attacks and these are not like that.

Mind you, I read (in the link) under Biological Causes there wasn't just hypoglycemia and Vit B deficiency (having both) but mitral valve prolapse. I've been diagnosed with Trivial Tricuspid Regurgitation, though I'm not sure it's directly linked to MVP. I could go back to my cardiologist and ask a few questions, see if they're related (current symptoms to other possible diagnosis).

Bix said...

I meant to ask you how your doc visit went. Did he or she have an idea about the episodes?

Perovskia said...

Right; I'll be updating that in a new entry. It's a story in itself.

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