Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Pt. II

I forgot in my last post - remember how I'd mentioned my stomach was doing so poorly lately?  I figured out the problem over the weekend. The ratio of probiotics-to-meds was out of whack.  I'd stepped up the probiotics in a new way - taking a bottle at a time every other day (instead of half daily).  You're supposed to work up to a bottle a day but it's expensive and I don't want to do that unless I have to. Soooo.... because I upped the probiotics, I had to cut back on my IBS meds.  Truth be told, I stopped taking them (I haven't needed them) for a few days now.  I woke up one morning with a complete 180 change (I would say 360 but I'm not cured :) ).  I'm really glad to see them working.  I'm holding off going back to my Gastroenterologist to shove the information back in his face.  What?  Was that outloud?  I mean, to inform him that one doesn't necessarily need to medicate to help symptoms of IBS and that there ARE natural ways to deal with a 'natural' problem *cough* .

I've taken an anti-histamine to help with the hives.  I hope it works.


hydra said...

I wonder if you can overdo probiotics? I've been forgetting to take mine since I've been on the IBS meds...

Perovskia said...

Funny you mentioned that. Not too long before you wrote it I thought it. It left my mind almost as quickly as it came in, so I didn't give it much thought; but now that you mention it, they happened around the same time.

Very peculiar. I'm doubling up on the Benadryl tonight and backing off the probiotics tomorrow so we'll see if the hives also taper off.

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