Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Couple More...

Forgot a couple pictures yesterday.  I have even more to add, but I have to transfer them off the camera first.

Babu in the kitchen window with said window box I just planted of herbs to have at the ready.  The garlic chives at the end? I thought he'd leave them alone, but he's been nibbling.  So, I switched it around so the marjoram's on that side.  He hasn't touched it yet :)

A trillium.  For the non-Ontarians, it's the official flower of Ontario


Bix said...

Laughing ... he hasn't touched the marjoram. I wonder what taste is like for a cat. I know they like meat, but I don't know anything after that.

Perovskia said...

I didn't think he'd like the garlic chives! Little sneak. I rubbed the basil with my hands and he didn't care for that smell at all. Turned his nose up at it :)

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