Sunday, May 9, 2010

Une journée avec un certain nombre de choses français*

Today was supposed to be some shopping with a friend but she wasn't feeling well, so I did a little of my own.

Picked up a necklace I had on hold and had just a few dollars left to pay on it.  Then I went and picked up a French CD (Carla Bruni - Queleu'un m'a Dit), a bottle of French wine (a new brand for me - Baron Phillipe de Rothschild, Cabernet Sauvignon.  Superbe!) and some food for dinner (mashed potatoes (avec herbes de Provence), green and yellow beans and chicken marinated in rosemary and garlic).  Yum.  Unfortunately I never thought of anything for dessert, so I just had yogurt :)

I watched This Old House during dinner, followed by Ask This Old House.  I love these shows and don't see them nearly enough.  My (Dutch) grandfather was a wood worker (not by trade, just for personal enjoyment) and my father also has a workshop, so it's kind of close to home.  Beside, I like antiques and all things old.  So I'll study now for a couple of hours, have an oatmeal bath to sooth my poor skin (hives are still reducing, but not completely gone yet), then a movie and more wine.  Unfortunately, I don't have a French movie to go with the running theme; though I do have Spanish and Italian.

I've had a few running thoughts today about how I'll find Mr. Right (I have such high standards now, I wonder if that's a bad thing) and how I'd like to get away for the long weekend out of the city but I know it won't happen because bills are too high and I don't have nearly enough money.  A girl can dream, can't she?

*A day with a few French things


hydra said...

My grandfather was a woodworker, too. A ship's carpenter who also carved panels for stately homes, and made models of trams and ships. I have his original tools with his name on.

Perovskia said...

That's so special :) Hang onto those!

Mikala said...

Wow, me sorprendió que pasaras por mi blog, i'm traducing the text, and I like things Frenchs, jajaja no se hablar bien ingles, estoy haciendo un curso, tal vez algún día te sorprenda escribiéndote correctamente!.
Por ahí no conoces el hombre perfecto, pero deberías pensar en viajar dentro de tu casa, tomate un tiempo para explorar alguna parte, y por ahí sentirte a gusto sin tener que viajar, hace algo que nunca hayas hecho, pone una canción o un estilo musical que nunca hayas escuchado y... DISFRUTA DIVERTIRTE, relajate!

well, bye bye, Kisses!!

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