Monday, May 3, 2010


How was your weekend?  Did you fill it with sun?  Or rain maybe, as it was here.  Spend time with friends?  Family?  Did you clean your ass off like I did?

Saturday was spring cleaning day, as I'd mentioned last week.  I scrubbed the kitchen from head to toe; cupboard doors, walls, the stove, the fridge (inside and out), some of the floor on my hands and knees - you name it.  Did some re-organizing and cleaned appearances up a bit; got rid of some clutter.  I like it.  Then went to Mass and out to the pub with a friend for a beer for her birthday.  I was so tired (and sore!) after all that cleaning, the beer almost knocked me out and I vegged the rest of the evening.  Oh right, there was a movie on TV; another one to add to my black & white repetroire - "A Foreign Affair" (1949).  What a great movie.. I loved it!  Had some great lines in it.

Sunday wasn't filled with much; I think I overslept so I felt like crap the entire day.  I did very little cleaning/tidying except for all the dishes.  I baked chocolate chip cookies, though.  Yum.  Small problem - they came out flat!  I don't know what I did wrong.  I figure in the end they may have needed more flour (than the required amount).  I don't know.  I had fresh-bought baking powder and everything.

Can I tell you.. the past few days my back has become increasingly itchy.  The past two days it's REALLY itchy.  It's so random.  I thought maybe my skin was dry and I put lotion on it the best I could but it didn't solve the problem.  I don't understand what's wrong but it's kind of freaking me out.  Itchy!!!

I read this article in a paper I grabbed the other day called, "Self-esteem now comes in shades of environmentally-friendly green".  The author first states, "....often leading to devastating results when girls feel they don't measure up to the accepted standards depicted cinematically".  I continued to read the article and how this woman is advertising her day camps for girls on how to wear makeup, skin care, wardrobe planning, eyebrow shaping, journal writing, belly dancing, blah blah blah.  So she states the problem, but then she states  how to fix it - by image.  Right.  How about saying, "Don't give a f**k about what the media projects, learn how to be comfortable with WHO YOU ARE"?  Cause, y'know, that would be wrong and bad for business. I can't believe this.  No wonder we have so many body-conscious girls.  Grrr.

Well, I'd love to rant more, but I've got physio to attend to.  I'm already sore, so todays workout should be interesting.

Happy Monday!


hydra said...

I've had awful itches on my back and chest and it seems to coincide with where my bra straps go. I must be allergic to the nylon or rubber or something in them. I found the best thing for soothing the itches was aloe vera cream.

Perovskia said...

No. it's more severe than that (my fault for not explaining). It's all over my back, a bit on my arms, legs. Someone suggested it could be hives from seasonal allergies. I've never really had hives, but I believe it is. And I don't normally get seasonal allergies but I guess this year is the magical year. I took an anti-histamine to see if it works.

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