Saturday, May 22, 2010

An Organized Mess

Where do I start?  I'm feeling very unorganized today.  The table is a mess, the kitchen's a mess, the bedroom's a mess.  I have things on the 'to do' list and nothing's getting done, so it's hard for me to organize my thoughts. But, I need to get my thoughts out so I can...organize.  Do you see the cycle?  I hate being a little OCD.

I'll recount my trip to market that I just returned from.  I went only in hopes to buy organic eggs but a) Leon wasn't there (others were operating his stand in his place), b) they didn't have any eggs this all and c) I don't think I know of anyone else at market who has organic eggs.  wtf.  So I got some mitsu apples for this imaginary pie I'm going to bake this weekend and some veggies for my salad next week.  As I was leaving market, there's this girl that sits out there always asking for money.  I feel no need to give her any.  I'm not going to apologize for it and I know it's not very Christian of me, but honestly...get off your ass and work like the rest of us.  She asked me for the time today and I told her and she responds with, "Thanks. I have to watch the time because I have to get a filter for my fish today or he's going to die".  Me in sarcastic voice, "Yes. That could be a problem" and I walk away.  I'm not going to finish my thoughts on this, you can probably imagine exactly what they are.

Before market I did a little research.  I had blood work done yesterday morning and for the glucose test I had to drink this orange carbonated beverage and return in an hour (I'll delve more into this in a bit).  I decided to bring home the bottle and learn about the ingredients (I thought you'd also like to know, Bix).  Ingredients which I'll also get into later, but one caused inquisitive concern which branched into, "oh my God, why are we feeding constant crap into our bodies, I'm going to die tomorrow" (yes, I'm being sarcastically dramatic), which branched into, "I should really start planning ahead and buy what I can at market instead of in the stores", which branched into, "I'm a single person. How the hell am I supposed to plan a menu for a WEEK when I do well to plan 15 minutes ahead sometimes?".  Le sigh.  So I guess I've gotta smarten up a bit.  Even if I plan one or two days of menu (start small), it's something.  I've got ground beef and chicken in the freezer but not using it....because I'm not planning ahead *gives a little tap on the head*.

I have 4 days off and no plans this weekend.  I did have plans but they fell through (both involved getting out of the city), so I'm a little disappointed.  But, I've got plenty to do around the house so that should keep me busy, including studying.

Well, I'm going to make a separate entry about my health, so off to do that now....

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