Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Time For Catch-Up. Get Comfy, It's A Long One....

Sorry for the few-day absence; I had a wonderful weekend and was too busy to post, then Monday was playing catch-up with everything else.  I've gotta get some serious studying in tonight to make up for lost time.

I'm sitting here with coffee, in comfort from a dream I had this morning.  Let me preface my morning with saying my night wasn't so good.  I woke up at 0430 to use the washroom and boy was my foot hurting (maybe that's what woke me).  Just a spot in my left foot that's been bothering me lately and doesn't feel... normal (it was throbbing).  I should get it checked out, but, I'm...lazy.  Anyhoo, it took I'm sure 2 hrs to fall back asleep (after caving and taking some ibuprofen) but I had a wonderful dream.  It was with a man (no, not *that* sort of dream) I used to work with.  Well, inadvertently worked with.  I was in a call centre and I had to call him at his call centre at times...and we became friends.  Even met up once when I went to Toronto and had a *fantastic* evening.  I liked him, I really did, but I was with my ex and couldn't tell him so at the time.  Even not being with the ex anymore, too much time has passed and... really... why bother.  I've always held a special place in my heart for him.  I had a feeling he liked me, but he didn't say anything either, so what's a girl to do?  Anyways, that dream was just about being with him and it made me happy :)

So... my weekend was *fabulous*.  Family and friends, what more could I ask for?  The entire weekend was steady with plans.  Well, Friday night was quiet, but Saturday morning I went to market, got some herbs for the window box that I was going to attempt (fears that Babu would nibble at them), went shopping with a friend and FINALLY got a new camera (pictures to follow - I've got lots!), went to Mass in the evening then was invited out to a spoken word poetry evening downtown with a co-worker I haven't been out with before.  It was a lot of fun; I like stuff like that.  Got to hang with new peeps, Would like to go next month, too.

Sunday started with brunch at my parents restaurant.  Fantastic, as always.  Then went to pay my brother a quick visit, then my dad (got to see the rest of the kitchen cabinets he's making out of cherry wood and was sitting on the deck for a while surrounded by woods, birds singing and horses in the background ..ahhh..relaxing...).  I was very happy and very content to see my family.  As a random side note, my brother had to downsize and he's trying to pawn off one of his cats to me.  Ugh.  It's hard for me to turn down a cat... but I don't have the room!  I have a small apartment.  I do well just with Babu!  Anyways, after brunch and family visits, we went to see my friend's new condo.  I tell ya, I just can't wrap my head around why someone a)wants to buy an apartment, b)will pay over $100,000 for it and c)will just pay so much money for such a small space.  I don't get it!  But that's me.  I grew up in the country and it's a foreign concept to me.  I mean, I 'get it' and I know some people want their own space without the 'hassle' & paying someone else to do it for you, but I love the 'hassle'.  Fixing up your own yard, having a garage to do work in, putting up Christmas lights, standing at the side property line (over the fence? is there a fence?) having a Sunday conversation with your neighbour with a coffee in your hand (or maybe trimmers from doing yard work), sitting out in your quiet backyard with a book, the sun and a cold drink.  Oops, I got sidetracked.

After seeing the condo we did some shopping and then I got him to drop me off at another friend of mine's place whom I haven't seen in forever and was so pleased to finally get together.  I got to see her new digs and we went for a walk in a little forested area behind a newer-looking suburbian area and got some great pics.  Then we came back to the house, went out for a bite to eat and headed home.  I really enjoy spending time with her (that I never see enough of - we're in different cities, next to each other mind you, but with me not having a car, transportation is difficult) because we're different in a lot of ways (quite opposite in some) but those 'other things' don't seem to matter because we just care about each other as who we are. And that's nice.

I've got some health stuff to discuss, but I'll do it in another post.  I've talked your ear off and I need to start my day... including uploading the new pics.  So stay tuned!  Hope everyone's week is going well.


bambi said...

I found myself 'drifting' into your weekend, and I'm grateful. Felt like a piece of heaven~

Maybe the dream was a 'whisper' from above and means you should try and send a 'note'. Tell him about the dream and how it brought a smile to your face. It's not about trying to renew the past, but maybe he needs to hear he meant something to someone who still remembers him. Only God knows, but I've found when I respond to those types of things, usually are important.

Take care of yourself friend! I care about you.

Perovskia said...

I always wonder about dreams like that. I think a lot about him and I'm not really sure why. I, on the other hand, have not followed up on those 'universal hints' and nothing has happened, so I can't say, "Oh yeah, I got in touch with so-and-so after having a dream and it turned out it was for a reason". I don't know. Honestly? I don't say anything because I'm scared. He's an hour away and although it's nothing compared to the long distance I had before, I'm hesitant. I've been putting myself 'out there' a lot lately and getting turned down lots, so, I've lost confidence, too. I'm scared to start seeing someone again. I can give you a whole list of reasons.

bambi said...

Oh dear friend. It isn't about trying to start up a relationship, it is about hearing His message that you might be able to touch someone's heart when they most need it.

I became a more staunch believer as my children 'happened' to answer their phone when my mom called. Sometimes they ignored it, knowing they couldn't afford to buy her wine and cig.'s just because my brother left her with nothing. They rescued her. More stuff happened and my sister and I 'gave up' trying to help her. Again, one call we thought, "hmmmm," and went back and forth over actually going to see her. If we hadn't, she would have died in the dungeon she was living in and my 'bro' would probably still be taking her Social Sec. payments. Instead, heading that message, she probably had the best five months she had had in years.

Again, try not to think of it as a 'pick up', start a 'new' relationship. Just let him know he made you smile even after these years. If God means for it to be more, He will direct that. Don't look for that, look to brighten someone else's life, because just MAYBE, He knows you can lift someones heart/spirit by a simple call or email. : )

Perovskia said...

Very, very wise words of advice. Thank you :)

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