Friday, May 7, 2010


Okay, so maybe I have a little to say.

The hives haven't subsided at all the past week.  Antihistamines NOR Benadryl have helped (though I think perhaps have helped subside it just a bit).  When I went to physio this morning, I had the physiotherapist massage my shoulders/neck a bit (I haven't had this or heat all week in fear of inflaming hives).  When she finished massaging my neck (I was tense and tight) I suddenly felt inflamed.. *fwoom*.. the hives came out in full force.  Even writing about it has them inflamed again.  Anyhoo... that's when I figured it must be stress that has caused this.  Does that make sense?  Hmm.. maybe they should have gone away after being massaged.  In any case, it rather has to do with stress, or perhaps the stress of my arm?  (The hives have started to extend down a bit of my right arm only - the same one injured).  I am quite bothered by all of this, the stress it causes at work and wish I was back to normal soon.  The Benadryl's not working, not taking my probiotics isn't working.  So what else is left?

Interestingly enough, I went to the health food store after physio to get a couple things and asked them for something to stop the itch, tingling, etc and they gave me Apis Gel.  It's helped.  Then we also got onto the suggestion of Bach Flower Rescue Remedy.  I got the tin you see pictured at the bottom of the page (the pastilles).  I chewed on one immediately after leaving the store and.. ahhh... the inflammation went down right away.

I'm a big fan of the school of thought that we manifest our mental 'dis-ease' into physical disease.  I hate this sometimes because the mental is much harder to treat sometimes, than the physical.

I'm going to set some time aside right now for prayer and meditation - really trying to relax and 'let go' - and we'll see how it works.

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