Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm Going To The Farm!

Okay, so some plans didn't fall through! :)  I'm heading out to my friend's farm and spend time with her and her family (parents and 13 kids. Yes, 13).  Her family has cows and is a member in a co-op, Organic Meadow.  Ah, it'll remind me of days on the farm when I was younger and I CAN'T WAIT.  I'll get to get my hands dirty again.  Fantastic.


bambi said...

Ohhhh, luck you! There can't be much of anything better than getting 'back' to the 'real life'. I envy you, but hope you have a wonderful time! Maybe you can even come back with some fresh eggs or veggies or ???

Perovskia said...

Yeah. I'm hoping to walk away with at least eggs and milk (cream and a chicken would be a bonus).

Christina said...

Hope you're having fun!

hydra said...

I went to a farm shop on Saturday and bought some wonderful cheese, vegetables and bread. I've got to ask about the 13 kids. One set of parents? Or more than one?

Perovskia said...

It was a great time!!

One set of parents :)

Your purchases sound good, Hydra. I came back with eggs, butter and dough for pie - all organic.

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