Thursday, May 20, 2010


I bought this at the kitchen store last weekend, did I mention it?  I think I did.  Anyways, it's a cake in a cup.  It gives instructions for use, via microwave, and I thought I'd give 'er a shot.  Something fun to experiment with.  I thought it'd be great to share with a friend after dinner or something (meaning make them one as well).   It turned out!  I also bought that little...thing...of Emile Henry.  I'm sorry I'm not familiar with Emile Henry's products, but I thought it was cute (and since viewing the product line, I've fallen in love with them).  I have no idea what to do with it.  Put coarse salt in it for cooking?

It was quite good.  I think it needs a little tweeking (for taste), but otherwise I think it's a novel idea.

Got close to the goose the other day.  He (she?) kept an eye on me, though, even as I walked away, though it didn't try to attack (odd).  I don't know how to tell a male apart from a female.

Caught this down by the river on the walk home the other night.  I like it (the quote, not the writing on the wall).


hydra said...

Lovely quote, but mind that goose. I got mobbed by a pack of them once and they stole my loaf of bread! I had to fling the bag at them in order to escape.

Perovskia said...

LOL. I know. There was one that attacked me at work once. In fact, I hear specialists (because it's a national bird) had to come in and move the eggs because the geese were attacking people. Why the geese thought that would be a good location to have a couple kids is beyond me. If you're so damned territorial, don't mate in a public place :)

Anyways, I had to swat my bag and yell at the goose, too. I got the whole 'attacking, hissing' show.

I'm sorry they stole your bread!

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